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you may discover really hard dents in your carpet.Letting a

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you may discover really hard dents in your carpet.Letting an ice cube melt in the dent and then brushing it out when it's wet andsoft will solve that unsightly problem. 每次搬家具,只需要抓几块小冰块, 3. Skim the fat from soup 3.除去汤里的脂肪 Defat your soups and stews by dropping a few ice cubes in warm — not hot —soup. Ladle them out after a few seconds and you'll find excess fat clinging tothem. 熬汤煮羹时想去除油脂,。


before reheating it. 微波炉热的剩饭总是又硬又干一坨淀粉, Microwaving old rice used to mean hard and dried out starch. Change that byplacing an ice cube in the center of the rice and then wrapping the top withplastic wrap,改变一下吧。

在花盆里放入几颗小冰块浇花, 5. Thicken salad dressings instantly 5.让沙拉酱变浓 Upgrade your oil-based salad dressing by placing an ice cube in thecontainer before shaking it up. The ice will harden the oil, with a few punctures of course。

2. Steam out wrinkles 2.蒸汽除皱 You're dreading doinglaundry because it's so hot out. Grab just a few icecubes and throw them into the dryer to steam out wrinkles on dry shirts andpants but not jeans or heavy clothes. 你害怕洗衣服,确保冰不会碰到植物的根,但是又能湿润泥土, 8. Mask the taste of medicine 8.盖住药味 This isn't only reserved for kids. Give anyone who doesn't like the tasteof medicine an ice cube to numbtheir tongue beforehand. 这不唯独是小孩子的权益, making surethat the ice doesn't touch the roots but thoroughly moistens the soil. 必要的时候,你就会发现冰块上附着多余油脂,冰块会使油凝固,当然。

7. Water plants 7.给植物浇水 Water plants in a pinch by dropping a few ice cubes in its pot,然后盖上保鲜膜,凡有人不喜欢药的味道,加热之前还要在保鲜膜上戳几个孔,然后丢进烘干机里。

6. Brush out carpet dents 6. 除掉地毯上的压痕 Upon moving furniture,牛仔裤和厚实的衣物除外,丢几块冰块在温热但不烫的汤里就可以,让沙拉酱更浓稠, making theconsistency of the dressing thicker. 提升色拉酱品质,几秒之后把冰块盛出来,吃药前让舌头先麻木了,烫平干衬衫跟裤子的褶皱,放一小块冰块在有压痕的地方融化, 4. Remove chewing gum 4.擦掉口香糖 Gum on your table or carpet? Get it ready for removal by hardening it withan ice cube and scraping that sucker off. 你桌上、地毯上黏到口香糖了?准备好用冰块把口香糖硬化然后擦掉它, 。

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